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Translation Services

When your product needs to be accompanied by directions, instructions and advice it’s essential that your reader understands clearly. Sometimes misinterpreting one word can have damaging results. To avoid costly mistakes, use TTC’s Translation Services.

Using precise and simple language is usually the key to ensuring that your information is understood. However, if your reader is not a native speaker how can you guarantee that they will have a good enough grasp of your language to ensure they don’t misinterpret the instructions?

On a commercial level the impact on your organisation can be negative publicity and legal costs; on a healthcare level, it can be lives.

Making your message impact in the market

If you want your business to succeed, your communication needs to be geared to the  market. Whether you are in a challenging economic climate or in a period of expansion, precise professional translation will ensure that you connect with your target market.

The quality of your translations is a direct reflection of you and your business. Choosing a professional language translator has never been more critical.

Quality assured Translators

We guarantee that your translations are performed only by professional translators whose mother tongue is you target Language. To ensure the high quality of our service, our translators only translate materials that they have proven expertise in.

What you get

With TTC you are working with experienced professionals and you can be confident that all our translators:

  • Are hand-picked for their knowledge and understanding of chosen industry
  • Have undergone rigorous testing.
  • Are native speakers of the target language

Every document TTC translates goes through a strict quality control process. Your material is treated with 100% confidentiality to ensure your information is kept safe.

TTC’s commitment to you:

  • We will deliver on time.
  • No hidden charges – we will charge you what we have quoted.
  • We have a clearly defined translation process.
  • We treat all jobs with utmost care.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

You can choose from more than 100 languages, so your organisation’s international reach is almost unlimited.

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